Frequently Asked Questions


How do I inquire to get a special meal during the flight?

Today, most airlines charge or no longer have free meals for in-flight meals. If you could buy tickets online or contact the airline directly you will have the option of making a meal order. At least 24 hours before planned departure flight, special requests for meals must be placed. These applications are not typically guaranteed and at the discretion of the airline.

Why the fare did increased abruptly when I booked my flight?

Airfares are typically updated minute by minute and dependent on ticket conditions and availability at the moment. The inventory of seats in a certain class of reservations will be entirely sold before your flight quest and the final booking. Airlines then bid a comparatively better price for their inventory: We track these adjustments carefully and make every attempt to preserve the inventory and prices at the latest.

Is the airfare value guaranteed?

All airfares shall not be promised until complete payment has been made and tickets given without advance warning. In case of an unlikely technological error causing an incorrect ticket, we have the right, within 3 business days of making a reservation, to remind you about the correct price. The new price should be approved or the reservation can be cancelled too. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions Document for specific details.

Can we do some modification to the ticket once it has been booked?

Changes in the name are normally not allowed. Until uploading a ticket booking please check that all information is correct. It is your absolute duty to ensure that the information given is correct. To prevent mistakes, it is recommended that the names of the passengers as well as ages be matched and double-checked at the time of the reservation.

Are taxes also included in the airfare list?

U.S. Customer Safety New Airline Rules The travel department for airfares and luggage promotional payments was effective on 24 January 2012. Both fares listed therein include taxes and ticket price airline/airport fees. The price of the fares requires standard airfare and U.S. taxes.

How much is the cost to make airline ticket modifications?

  • A number of penalties can apply when you change your ticket, including:
  • The carrier issues extra fines
  • Additional costs derived from a higher fare ticket
  • The operation fee for Topflightfares will be extended for improvements to your behalf
  • Please notice that even with a premium, certain airlines cannot make improvements

Over the phone, I made a booking. How do I find out if a paper ticket or an e-ticket is available?

You will be contacted whether you get an e-ticket or ticket on paper when you make your booking. However, we will inform you within 24 hours of your booking, if the type of your ticket changes due to any technical reasons. We often have to issue a paper ticket when booking many airlines which do not have ticket agreements. In this situation you will get an email notifying you.

When can I confirm my booking?

To confirm your booking, please contact the airline at least 72 hours before your flight departure time. It is also important to note that during the same time span you also have to reconfirm your return flights.

How can I add extra passengers to an existing ticket booking?

Only a new booking is possible to book an extra passenger. Tariffs can adjust in any situation and the availability of the original fare or flight cannot be assured.

If I have to change flights, what will happen to my baggage?

You can check your luggage to your final destination if you wish to change planes even if the airlines you travel with offer a baggage arrangement. If you do not have a luggage policy from the airlines you travel with, you would be liable to go to the Baggage Claim area of the closest airport to change aircrafts and retrieve baggage there. You then need to search your luggage again and get your bags ready for the final flight.

What all documents will I need to make my travel with?

Documentation criteria can vary depending on the town you are leaving from, the city that you are going, and the country in which your passport was issued. You must contact the airline you travel with to answer this question in the correct manner to provide them with all the details required. They will then inform you whether you need a visa, passport or other documents. Please note that you are solely responsible for this detail. If you arrive at the airport with insufficient/invalid travel papers to describe yourself, neither Topflightfares nor the airline can be kept responsible. It is necessary to remember that the airline will reject boarding if you do not have appropriate or legitimate document(s) and you can find alternative means of travel at your own expense.

What are the different classes available on the plane?

Class seating coach/economy can be found on all airplanes. Many flights offer both business seats and first-class seats and their details can be described in the following:

Coach/Economy class seating is the least expensive choice in the cabin area. Whenever available, business class seating appears to provide additional seating space with increased leg room and improved meal service. Tickets in business class cost much more than tickets in economics but are less than tickets in first class. First class seats are typically situated next to the front of the aircraft. It has the least and yet the most spacious seats and has access to upgraded meals for all its inhabitants. Additional advantages include faster check-in queues, airport lounge use and more. First class tickets are often the most costly and cannot be used on all flights.

What documents do I need to move through airport security?

You need a boarding pass, a government photo ID, and a copy of your travel documents on all domestic flights, such as a passport or a driver's license. For all flights outside the United States, a valid passport is necessary. Many countries need a visa to allow access in addition to their passport.

Do I have to confirm my flight again?

Yeah. Yes, yes. You must reconfirm yourself 72 hours in advance on international flights and 24 hours in advance on domestic flights. You will do this simply by contacting the airline. Ensure you check your itinerary for any changes in the timetable. Airlines still have the right to cancel a booking, regardless of whether tickets have been given to you or not, if the reservations are not reconfirmed.